Communicating with peers

Last updated almost 4 years ago

As Projectcampus is a social learning tool, communication with others such as fellow students is possible in various places on the platform.
  • Course: here you can post a message to discuss it with the entire course learning community.
  • Course section: here you can post a message in the same way as on the course level
  • Project: The project is the ideal place to share and discuss progress within your project or learning process. You have the option to set the privacy to Owners only (meaning only your team mates will be able to see the message), or visible to everyone involved in the project.
In all of these methods you can use mentioning to mention a specific person. This person will receive a separate notification of that.

If you would like to send a personal, private message to a specific person, we would advise you to resort to email, as Projectcampus might not be the best tool for this.

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