Starting a project

Last updated over 3 years ago

Projectcampus is built around student-owned projects - that is why students are able to create their own projects quickly and easily. 

Creating a project

Simply click on the hamburger icon in the left menu bar to open the drawer. This drawer displays all the courses, course sections and projects you are involved in. Scroll to Projects, and click the +.

Important: After you have given your project a name, you are asked if you would like to connect the project to a course. If your project is part of a course, you should connect it. If the course is using course sections, you are also asked if you want to connect it with a section. Make sure your project is connected to the right course or course section, otherwise your teachers might not see your progress!

Inviting Others

Once the Project has been created, you can start adding others. You can invite them by their institution email.  Simply go to 'Manage' in the upper right corner to start inviting others to your project.

There are various roles within the project:
  • Owners: that is you and your fellow students who are carrying out this specific project
  • Coaches: in case the instructor or other people giving feedback and looking at your project progress, add them as coaches
  • Followers: these are people that either you add yourself because you want them to stay up to date on your project progress but don't actively expect anything from them, or these could be people that see your project and start following it themselves

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