Connect to Slack

Last updated almost 4 years ago

Slack is an incredibly powerful and popular chat tool for collaborative teams. Since students are using it for their team collaboration, we got many requests to integrate it with Projectcampus. Therefore it is now possible to receive updates from Projectcampus into Slack.

How to connect slack?

Each project, course or course section can be connected to Slack. Or more specifically, to a specific Slack channel. Only staff members in courses and course sections, or owners in projects are able to connect the project to a Slack channel. Owners can do this by going to the upper right part of the page: Manage > Edit project.  An edit form will open where you just click on the 'Connect to Slack' button. You will be redirected to Slack to connect the Projectcampus integration to a specific channel. When you complete it you will be redirected back to Projectcampus. That's it! For courses and course sections it is the same process, but it's limited to staff members.

When one of your peers, coach or somebody else now posts or comments in your project, you will get a nice notification in the chosen Slack channel.

We hope you enjoy it!

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