Creating a milestone

Last updated over 3 years ago

Milestones are our answer to the more common 'assignment' functionality. Milestones add structure to activities and communication by students. With each milestone you request your students to perform a specific task from within their project page.

Create milestone in course (section)

To create a milestone, you have to be a staff member of the course or course section. Go to your course and select 'Create a post'. On the bottom you see the option to attach a 'Milestone'. Click on this and you will get a tiny form to set the deadline date and the visibility of the submissions. That's it!

When creating a milestone , you can select the visibility of the submissions. There are two options:
  • Past Due: submissions will become visible to other students once the deadline has passed
  • Never: submissions will never be visible to other students
After publishing the post with the milestone in your course, students will see the milestone on top of their project page. By clicking it, they can submit their work for the milestone. All milestones will be visible as a progress bar in the project page. This way, students and staff will see which milestones have been completed.

View the submissions

In the course, when you go to the post with the milestone, you will see how many projects have completed the milestone. Staff members can also download all submissions here.

Can students edit their submission?

Students can edit their upload until the deadline passes. If you are a student: go to the project page, look for the submission and click the hamburger icon to edit your post. You can then both change the text as well as the attachment to the submission.

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