Differences course, course section and project

Last updated over 3 years ago

If you are new to Projectcampus, you might find the difference between courses, sections and projects confusing.  To make it worse, they also look a bit similar on Projectcampus. All of them are on a new page and they all consist of an activity stream. The difference is in the hierarchy and goal of the page.

  • Course: A course page is where all students, teachers and others can share and discuss general course related announcements and other information. It is where staff members can add materials and create milestones that have to be completed by the projects. The goal of the course is to keep everybody up to date and to build a learning community.
  • Course section: A course section is an optional functionality, built for large courses (100+ students) that need to be split up in sections to communicate properly. A course section can be used to split a course in different classes or in different topics. The functionality and goal is similar to a course, only more focused.
  • Project: The project pages are the student-centric pages, connected to a course or a course section.  In contrast to courses and sections, projects can also be created by students themselves. It is for students to share and discuss their individual/team progress. Students are in control of inviting members and they can decide who they share their progress with (Staff members can also manage this, if necessary). The goal of the project is to become an interactive learning journey.

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