Inviting staff, students and guests

Last updated over 3 years ago

Once the Course has been created, you can start adding others.  Simply go to Manage > Invite others in the upper right corner to start inviting others to your course.  You can invite students and staff one by one using their institution email or by searching in your organization on Projectcampus. You can also click 'Copy-paste emails' to invite a complete email list at once.

There are three roles within the course:
  • Staff: That is you and your fellow instructors that are teaching the course or coordinating the course
  • Students: Quite self-explanatory, the students that are taking your course
  • Guests: These are people that you add because you want them to be able to look at what goes on in the course
You can also invite external stakeholders, such as a client company using their email address.

Advanced: Course composer

If you want to start a large course with students in different course sections and/or projects,  you can also use the Course Composer. Go to Manage > Course composer. A big panel will open where you can configure your entire course, including all members and their roles. You can use drag & drop to move or copy members. You can also use an Excel import to completely build your course in Excel and directly have it created in Projectcampus in a matter of seconds. 

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