Creating your first post

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General Message Posting

Posting to Projectcampus is very simple and straightforward. On top of each course or project page you see a box with 'Create a post', where you can immediately start typing your message. Formatting of your message can be done by the upper row in the box. You can also add a title and an attachment to your message. As an attachment, you can add files (local, Dropbox, and Google Drive), embedded Youtube video's and other links.
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When typing the message, a draft is saved after some seconds ('Draft saved' is displayed on the bottom of the box). If you want to save the message yourself, you can click 'Save draft' for the draft to be saved. If you want to delete your message, just click the cross in the upper right corner of the box. You can then discard your draft or save it for later editing and sending. 

Add labels to your message by typing them in the designated bar. In case a certain label already exists, it will pop up as you type. If not, create the label by typing it and closing with a comma (,) - you can add as many labels as you like. Adding labels to your post will make it easier to search in the activity stream for similar posts (such as 'Assignments' or 'Lecture slides').

Before posting your message, you can select the privacy level of the post. For example, you can choose to share the message to the public, to organization members, course members (or section members or project members, depending on the page you are on) or to staff only.

After posting

After posting, people that are members of the page will get a notification through email, web or through their Projectcampus App. Everybody who matches the privacy level of the post, will be able to comment or like the post. Only you or other staff members are able to edit the post.

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