Setting up a course

Last updated over 3 years ago

Creating a course

Simply click on the hamburger icon in the left menu bar to open the drawer. This drawer displays all the courses and projects you are involved in. Scroll to Courses, and click the +.  If the + is not visible directly, first click on Courses.


Courses are invite-only. This means only members of the course can access the course page. Only staff members are allowed to invite members and edit the course page itself.  

Inviting others

Once the course has been created, you can start adding others. We recommend to invite others by school email.  Simply click the Members tab in the bar in the middle of the page. Then click the button 'Invite members'. There are three roles within a course:

  • Staff: That is you and your fellow staff members that are teaching the course or coordinating the course
  • Students: Quite self-explanatory, the students that are taking your course
  • Guests: These are people that you add because you want them to be able to look at what goes on in the course

Advanced: Course options

After you created your course, you can start tuning it. Go to the upper right corner to Manage > Course options to turn features on or off. You can manage whether or not you want course sections and/or projects to be a part of your course. Turn them on so that you can have subgroups in your entire course, and so that students can create projects, respectively. 

Publish course

Once you have set up the course and added some content, you can publish the course. Only then will the students actually be invited. 

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